Tomorrow in Japan

For many Westerners, Japan seems like a land of perfect order and harmony, with technological advancements and an emphasis on thoughtfulness that seems well ahead of the rest of society.  This seems especially heightened at Tokyo Disney, where the theme parks are beautifully maintained.  Tokyo Disney Sea is the photographer's star, but even Tokyo Disneyland is pristine and magnificent--albeit dated-looking through much of the park until the recent Fantasyland expansion.  Still, a visit to Tokyo Disney is a trip to the utmost Disney ideals, where quality and detail are held in supremely high regard.  With such a way of approaching things, it little wonder that Japan may be perceived as being in the future--and not just in a literal time zone sense!

Space mountain looms over the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

Crowds wait in line for Tokyo Disneyland's Star Wars attraction.

Tokyo's Tomorrowland may look a little retro, but it's still in pristine condition.

Now defunct and removed as part of the recent Fantasyland expansion, Star Jets was a throwback to the original Disneyland rocket ship ride, Astro Jets.


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