Paradise Along the Mediterranean

We have passed Halloween and are transitioning into the holiday season over this next month (Thanksgiving never seems to get much love).  As such, we're making the move back to general park photos instead of holiday-specific ones, although occasionally, there might be a bit of Christmas peeking in a little discretely.  This photo is a nice example.  Since I don't have many "Halloween themed" photos from Tokyo Disney, I don't post many photos from my favorite Disney resort during mid-September through October.  But it's the most photogenic resort around the world--especially magnificent Tokyo Disney Sea--so I feel like returning scenes like this to the rotation is pretty warranted.  In addition, both times I've been to the Tokyo Disney Resort have been during Christmas time, so inevitably, there will be holiday decorations featured in the lands that dress up for the occasion.  

Yuletide decorations or not, though, Tokyo Disney Sea is still the most beautiful theme park in the world!

A beautiful day graces the Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo Disney Sea!


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