Midnight at the Marketplace

I'm currently in the middle of season two of Star Wars: Resistance, the third and least critically rated of the three Star Wars animated series by Dave Filoni that includes the Clone Wars cartoon series and Star Wars: Rebels.  Although the show provides more context to the universe in which the sequel trilogies take place, its emphasize on non-Force occurences and focus on a subset of the Resistance fighters has made this less alluring, because the without mythos of Star Wars hinges around The Force.  Without The Force, it's just like any other sci-fi space opera.  But with The Force... it's Star Wars.

Anyway, here's a pretty photo from Merchant Row at the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.  It's such a beautiful ambiance over there, and at this point it's' been closed due to the Coronavirus for nearly as long as it's been open beforehand!

After hours on Merchant Row at Black Spire Outpost.


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