Tower of Tinsel

Alright, so there is no actual super tall tinsel structure in this photo as the title of this post may suggest, but I was trying to make a pun, so go easy on me, yeah?  Today's holiday scene returns us to majestic Tokyo Disney Sea, where beauty and wonder abound in any and all directions.  The American Waterfront is one of the more heavily decorated parts of the park during Christmas time, which makes sense, given the holiday's heavy tradition and presence in the U.S. (compared to, say, an Arabian Coast or a futuristic seaport).  Plenty of garland, snowflakes, and holiday lights can be spotted as one strolls through the area, and the ambiance is especially prominent in Waterfront Park, a large plaza adjacent to the Hotel Hightower and home to occasional shows and gatherings.  It's peaceful holiday scene, even with the ominous (yet opulent) Tower of Terror attraction building looming in the background.  But even the cursed Hotel Hightower can't take away from the winter holiday ambiance in this part of Disney Sea!

Waterfront Park is a pleasant Christmas scene at Tokyo Disney Sea!


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