Reflections in Rainyator Springs

Last night, I visited the Disneyland Resort with one mission: to try to get some unique rainy evening and reflection photos that I hadn't gotten before.  In almost all of my previous rainy evening visits to the Disneyland Resort, I had used my tripod to capture still long exposures of beautiful scenes that showed reflections--but mostly reflections of light painted across the damp pavement as opposed to actual crisp reflections.  That's because I generally did not place my camera low enough to the ground to actually get the right angles to mirror the scenes in front of me.  

But armed with my Nikon D850, complete with flip-out screen that made it much easier to discern where to place my camera to capture reflections, I set about playing around with different angles and focus points in Cars Land to mix a variety of holiday scenes after the rain.  While not all of the shots below are true reflections (in fact, most of those ended up better in portrait orientation, which I rarely post on this blog because it doesn't really fill the page well in Blogger's formatting), I was pretty happy with how this dozen turned out, capturing the beautiful nighttime treat that is Radiator Springs during Carsmas!


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