The Festive Firehouse

Even though it's one of those classic views, I've never taken a photo of Main Street from the Disneyland Fire Department station.  Part of this is because getting a truly empty shot requires staying well past park closing, and I don't quite do that anymore.  Granted, I stay till park closing, but empty shots in Town Square really require extra endurance, outlasting other guests by patiently waiting over an hour past park closing--sometimes an hour and a half!  During the holiday season, with the park closing at midnight, this means a very late night indeed.  

Well, as it was, this shot ended up happening at 12:49am--so not quite the hour past.  But then again, there are people just lounging around in the shot.  So I didn't really wait until the very end here either.  That said, the firehouse doors and wreath framing the Main Street Christmas tree does make for a nice composition!

Town Square as seen from the Disneyland Fire Department firehouse.


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