The Castle in Noel Lux

We have come to another Christmas--the tenth Christmas that this blog has been celebrating!  For today's post, I'm posting a scene that I've featured on Christmas Day before: the Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle.  This shot is well on the list of many a Disneyland fan photographer, and it's a shot that I take year after year to try to get better exposures and blends.  This year, on the heels of a castle renovation that re-roofed the structure and provided new turrets, one noticeable change is the sparkling turret tips that look like shining gems held up atop the delicate point of crystalline pikes, highlighting the glistening and radiant skyline fronting Fantasyland.  It's a wondrous and delightful sight, and I hope it brings a bit of Christmas cheer to readers who've been following along this humble blog!  Merry Christmas!

The gleaming, crystalline, sensational Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle.


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