Christmas in Toontown

Christmas at Mickey's Toontown is a little different, and a little wacky. That's because the neighborhood itself is pretty zany, with hardly a straight line and architecture bursting with cartoon energy.  The holiday decorations here stand to be similarly bold and colorful and gaudy, and they are!  But they still manage to be charming and cute at the same time.  Mickey and Minnie and just about the whole gang have their homes dressed up for the holiday occasion, and they all provide a lovely noel ambiance to this back corner of the park!

Mickey's House during Christmas time.

Minnie's House.

The Mickey Mouse Fountain in front of Mickey's House.

Chip n Dale Treehouse is one of the few Toontown abodes not decorated for Christmas.

Donald's Boat has its trimmings.

Goofy's Bounce House is expectedly outlandish.

Even Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin is lit up in Christmas ornamentation.


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