Christmas King of the Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea reflects Christmas in different ways, depending on the part of the park.  While Mysterious Island, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island don't at all, Mediterranean Harbor features a romantic Italian iteration of the Christmas season, while American Waterfront feature the the classic and nostalgic holiday ambiance that we're very familiar with in the United States.  Even Lost River Delta offers a bit of a festive, somewhat Latin American flair.  And then there's Mermaid Lagoon, effectively the park's "kids area" and a bit of a Fantasyland.  There's not a particularly high concentration of Christmas here, but one area where it does appear is the King Tirton sculpture, which has been gaudily decorated on a level that approaches Jingle Cruise absurdity.  Would the serious and stoic King Triton ever let himself be adorned as such?  Probably not.  But then again, this is Japan, and such silliness ends up coming off as cute.  Christmas cute... in this case!

A holiday King Triton steers a pair of "reindolphin" during the Christmas season.


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