A Christmas Fantasy

Somehow, in nine and a half years of running this blog, I have never posted photos of the Christmas Fantasy parade at Disneyland Park.  It's not intentional--while I like parades, I generally don't wait for them, with a few seasonal and typically nighttime exceptions.  During the day, I'm apt to be waiting for a ride or just enjoying the general park ambiance.  But on this, the tenth Christmas season that this blog is passing through, I figure it's finally time.  And to make up for missed publications in the past, here are nearly fifty photos of the entire parade, from the classic teddy bear and wind-up dancer intro all the way to the jolly old man himself, Santa Claus, carrying the finale of the parade!  In between, Mickey, Minnie, their pals, and plenty of princess and prince appearances fill the route, along with Christmas sights galore!

Enjoy this look at a Disney Christmas tradition, as we delve deep into the Christmas Fantasy parade!


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