A Griz-wild Family Christmas

DCA's most well known Christmas-themed areas might be Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, and even Paradise Park (with its Festival of Holidays outfitting), but don't sleep on other parts of the park, like Grizzly Peak, which offers a rustic holiday setting.  Colorful Christmas lights, hanging lanterns, and woodsy wreathes make for a lovely winter atmosphere.  The highlight of it all (at least for me) is the Grizzly River Run towering bear, with gaudy ugly Christmas sweater.  The photo below is probably the first time I've posted a picture of it from the side or back, instead of head on.  But I thought the overall composition, with the grizzly looking on, made for an interesting composition.  In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's nice to have a little serenity to savor the season!

The Grizzly River Run Christmas Bear watches over the Grizzly Peak area after hours.


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