A Peeking Sun over Paradise Bay

On this #SunsetSunday, we feature a scene from Paradise Bay, one of the best sunset spots in the Disneyland Resort.  The moneyshot is south-facing, and especially during the winter months of Southern California, the skies can catch some drama with a nice mix of clouds and sunshine that bring a lovely glow to the waterfront scene while retaining enough texture in the sky to make things look at least a little moody.  And even though I've photographed this scene before, and I'm likely to photograph it many times in the future, capturing this free-spirited feeling of fun in the sun never gets old!


  1. I like this one. Especially how the Sun barely peeks through the clouds!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes, our SoCal skies are a little *too* blue, because you need clouds for the dramatic sunsets!


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