The Steamliner and Its Tugboat

I really like this photo because it really shows off the epic scale that Tokyo Disney Sea creates to weave a spirited adventure for its guests, whisking them away to various imaginary and not-so-imaginary ports of call that all impart a sense of wonder and grandeur.  This, however, practically building a massive steamliner to serve as a backdrop (and a theater and a restaurant and a viewing deck) is certainly one of the more impressive construction feats in the park (building a volcano is another).  The S.S. Columbia at Disney Sea may share its name with the masted windjammer at Disneyland Park, but it's much more majestic and massive.  And the fact that the park designers even included a little tugboat as a touch of theming really demonstrates the attention to detail and immersive placemaking that this incredible park goes to bring a foreign environ to life!


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