Volcano Across the Lagoon

Tokyo Disney Sea is such a beautifully detailed park with so many layers of perspectives and angles and multiple facets of theming that start off striking and become even more meticulous the closer one gets. It's a fantastic park for sight lines, because even disparate lands seem to reinforce each other.  Here, in an angle from the sandy shores of Arabian Coast, the tropical calypso of Mermaid Lagoon featured in the foreground works with the exotic volcano backdrop of Mount Prometheus.  Everything unfolds to another visual focal point, leading up to the park's "weenie," or main monumental feature.  Much like the castle anchors a Magic Kingdom park, Mount Prometheus is the constant at Tokyo Disney Sea.  Well, that and the unending majestic beauty!

Mount Prometheus from across the waterways flowing by Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast.


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