Sleeping Beauty's Amber Glow

A couple of months ago, I lucked out by catching some nice skies at the Disneyland Resort on back-to-back visits to the parks.  Yesterday's post was from my second time, and the photo below is from my first.  That I was able to capture this was almost blind luck.  I was doing a lap around the parks and had finally made it to The Hub to try to capture the Tabebuia trees in bloom, but the afternoon golden hour light had vanished, leaving a relatively cool hue over the ambiance due to the sun setting.  But if there's ever a lesson to stick around after the sunset because there might be a nice post-sunset, this was a good reminder.  Though the lighting on the trees was a little dull, the skies starting swirling with a cotton candy mix of blues and pinks and tinges of orange from the sun below the horizon still able to reflect off the underside of the clouds.  The result was a great backdrop of which to photograph Sleeping Beauty Castle!

A colorful post-sunset casts over Sleeping Beauty Castle.


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