To the Luminous Cosmos

Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland is the only Tomorrowland to have never become outdated (the verdict is still out on Shanghai Disneyland's elegant and sleek Tomorrowland), because it was based on a future that never was.  And as terrific as the Jules Verne-inspired steam punk aesthetic looks by day, it looks even better under gleaming illumination at night.  The mix of colors is moody and evocative, and the lighting used to paint the fantastical structures adds to the futuristic feel of the land.  One of the most photogenic parts of Discoveryland is Space Mountain.  With its space cannon, the Columbiad, loaded to send riders off into the interstellar, it brings stunning rendition of future discovery!

A luminous Space Mountain: Mission 2 lights up Discoveryland.


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