Midnight at Tropical Hideaway

Disneyland's Adventureland is a small but lovely blending of exotic, tropical locales around the world.  The front half of the land is focused on the Pacific Islander ambiance, bringing Hawaii and paradise to life, while the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones Adventure and Tarzan's Treehouse capture more of an Asian and African rainforest feel.  Today's photo focuses on the prior, looking at the entrance to the Tropical Hideaway, which revamped the old Aladdin's Oasis area into a second Dole Whip station with additional treats and savories and a nice seating area alongside the Jungle Cruise waterway.  It was a wonderful addition when it opened in late 2018, offering a small relief to congestion and crowds, and it continues to be a nice place to relax in between hustling to the next Disney attraction destination!

Late night at the torch-lit Tropical Hideaway.


  1. The area around Tiki Room is one of my favorites even though it can get really congested.


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