A Small World in Motion

Although I love the classic and timeless aesthetic of the original Disneyland It's a Small World attraction, I have to admit that Tokyo Disneyland's much more colorful take presents some great photo ops.  With its saturated aesthetic, Tokyo's Small World ride facade is fun and visually stimulating, feeling more fantastical.  And while it's more upfront to the main walking path, meaning it's hard to get a clean shot unless arriving first thing in the morning or staying until the end of the night, it's still a great photo op to capture!

The bright, colorful facade of It's a Small World in Tokyo Disneyland is dynamic!

By the way, today celebrates ten years that this blog has been running!  Once upon a time, I was so inspired by the new expansion and renovation of Disney California Adventure that I decided I would marry my love of photography with my love of Disney and feature photos that I took from the parks.  I had no idea then that this would eventually take me to every Disney park around the world.  I also didn't figure I'd be still at it regularly a decade later! 


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