Euro-Fantasyland Architecture

Disney fans familiar with Disneyland California know that Fantasyland is a whimiscal, magical place whose architecture is fanciful and straight out of a storybook.  It wasn't always like that. Before 1983, Fantasyland's facades looked like simple circus carnival flats, with colorful exteriors and a semblance of castle architecture but much less charm than today.

Well, when it came to building Disneyland Paris, Disney certainly could not provide such a basic rendition of its most dreamlike land, especially with real-life castles (chateaus) accessible just a few hours away in the same country.  So Disneyland Paris' Fantasyland is an even more exaggeratedly magical place with an architecture that is even more illustrative, evocative, and surreal.  There are more colors (but not in a visually chaotic way), more traditional materials, more lovely detail elements, and more integration with manicured landscaping that gives a romantic ambiance to the heart of France's Magic Kingdom.  

Here are a few snapshots of some of the buildings across Fantasyland Paris, encompassing both the exteriors of dark rides and restaurants alike!


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