House of the Mystic Arts

These days, with Marvel back on the forefront and the recent Dr. Strange movie still in our collective consciousness, the title of today's post might seem like a reference to such topical media.  But it's really just a literal pun... a description of what's portrayed below.  Mystic Manor is the best Disney attraction out there (yes, I like it even better than Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance), but it's also quite literally a house that contains numerous art pieces collected by Lord Henry Mystic--hence, a house of the Mystic arts.  It might not look like it from the eclectic exterior--resembling more of a strange Haunted Mansion instead, but once inside, guests will find that there is a fair amount of magic swirling around too--and enough of a touch of chaos to make things interesting too!

The marvelous and mysterious Mystic Manor looks dashing at night.


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