The Magnificent Maka'ala

When I visited Aulani last month for the first time in nine years, I had a desire to explore many of the same parts of the hotel that I had seen before but photograph them with the eye of nearly a decade's more experience in looking for unique or interesting angles or compositions.  Some of this would result in focused or more layered frames, but other shots were still pretty overview moneyshots that showcased the beauty and majesty of this exquisitely crafted resort.  This angle of looking back at the grand lobby, or Maka'ala, from the central courtyard area (named the "Waikolohe Valley") was one of them.  There is some layering, as the lush tropical foliage on the right creates a framing foreground juxtaposed against the water elements in the midground and the architecture in the background.  And it's an absolutely marvelous sight that is a perfect marrying of a Disney and Hawaii aesthetic!

The beautiful fountains in front of the traditional Hawaiian arched roof structure of the grand lobby at Aulani make for a sight out of paradise!


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