A Ko Olina Evening

Today's post is, quite simply, a nighttime version of the one I made two weeks ago that restarted another series of Aulani photos for this blog after my first batch from my 2013 trip ran out, years ago.  This time around, I stayed into the nighttime, and I was able to capture images of Aulani from both inside its property and around it.  The photo below was one of the last I took of the gorgeous Disney Resort.  Normally, I would have had a tripod and taken time to capture multiple exposures to properly blend together.  However, that day, I had forgotten to bring my tripod--plus we were a little pressed for time, having to get back into Honolulu for a reservation at a local, highly rated tiki bar (check out Skull & Crown Trading Co. for those who enjoy imbibing in potent potables in a nicely thematic drinking hole akin to Trader Sam's).  So instead, I did this shot Tokyo Disney style--that is, I found something to steady my camera against (in this case, a tree) and did as slow of an exposure as I could trust myself to maintain in this tense state (about a second).

It's not the best nightime photo I've ever taken, but I still like how the curving coastline leads to the glowing hotel towers in the background... a beacon in the paradise that is Hawaii!

A nighttime view of Aulani from along Ko Olina Lagoon #1.


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