Aulani Watering Holes

Aulani is a hotel and resort in Hawaii, and as with any resort and with any establishment in tropical paradise, one would expect to find swimming pools and watery oases to enjoy.  And Aulani doesn't disappoint.  In addition to the Waikolohe Stream lazy river, Aulani also ha pool areas--the Waikolohe Pool (which also doubles as a nighttime storytelling stage) and the Ka Maka Grotto (which seems more kid-oriented.  There's also the Wailana Pool, but I didn't make it to that corner of the property on my last visit (guess I'll have to check it out next time).  All of them are fun during the daytime, but at night, that extra Disney magic and ambiance gives them an even prettier setting.  Here are a few night shots that I took as I was exploring the resort after dusk.


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