Harrison Hightower's Fitting End

At Tokyo Disney Sea, there is subtle mythology that runs through several of the park's attractions involving the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, or S.E.A. for short.  This group of worldwide travelers has members that call other Disney parks home too, but it was at Tokyo Disney Sea where this story was first introduced.  The members of S.E.A. include a wide variety of characters, and not all of them are upstanding citizens.  

Take Harrison Hightower, whose hotel in American Waterfront towers above everything else in the neighborhood.  Hightower makes his way around the world to find new and exotic artifacts.  But rather than respect them and the people they come from, Hightower channels his inner British Empire and simply pillages these cultural monuments, taking them back to his collection back home.  This pattern of dastardly deal-making, er, taking, finally earns him his comeuppance, though, when he brings back a statue of an idol named Shiriki Utundu.  It is through this acquisition that one night, in his penthouse atop his hotel, that karma comes a'calling for Harrison.  Through supernatural circumstances, Shiriki sends Hightower vanishing into another dimension, and the whole occurrence results in the hotel becoming deserted and rundown after the shocking event.  As for Shiriki... some say he's still inside the hotel, waiting for new victims to arrive...

Harrison Hightower meets his demise at the curse of the idol, Shiriki Utundu.


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