Hotel to the Kingdom

What was the first Disney hotel that ever offered views into the park?  Was it Disney California Adventure, built to abut part of Disney California Adventure?  Or perhaps the Hotel Mira Costa, which forms part of the incredible architecture that marks the skyline of Tokyo Disney Sea's entrance area, Mediterranean Harbor?  Well, the answer actually lies in France, because the Disneyland Paris hotel, opened in 1992, was the first time Disney had built a hotel bounding part of its park boundaries, allowing lucky guests staying in park view rooms to be able to see the French Magic Kingdom at the start of their day and the end.  The rooms are certainly pricey, but the magical experience of staying at a theme park can't be beat.  And when it's the most beautiful Magic Kingdom of them all, the wonder is even more amplified!

A nighttime view of the beautiful Disneyland Paris Hotel and park entrance.


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