Get Your Drips on Route 66

The scene below has been pretty rare the past few years.  Not only were the Disney parks closed for a fair amount of the pandemic, but California has also been under an extended drought, making rainstorms relatively hard to come by.  So I've had fewer chances to capture images like the scene below, which was photographed five years ago.  That said, on this particular rainy evening, I was able to stock up on a plethora of angles and photos of arguably the best place to take rainy evening photos in Disney California Adventure, Cars Land.  With all the neon and the slick asphalt providing colorful reflections, the scenes are pretty magical wherever one wanders through this area.  Of course, it's also hard to beat that empty scene down the main drag of Radiator Springs, with all of its illuminated splendor!

Neon glows across slick pavement on a rainy evening at Cars Land!


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