Tarzan: Call of the Jungle

Back when Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016, the park featured two spectacular stage and stunt shows that quickly gained hype and attention for their exciting and dramatic performances and athleticism.  One was Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular, a show that almost self-explains its Pirates of the Caribbean theme.  The second was Tarzan: Call of the Jungle.  Located in the Storyhouse Stage in Adventure Isle, this presentation retold the story of Tarzan using a mix of acrobatics, rock music, and aerial work.  Making use of China's strong acrobatic traditions, the show playfully moved through the different beats of the story, from Tarzan's beginnings with his family stranded after a shipwreck to their passing and Tarzan's discovery by Kala to his trials and tribulations in earning his place in this family and his acceptance by his skeptical, adopted father, Kerchack, to his meeting of Jane and their relationship.  Throughout it all, the show featured impressive moving sets, great costuming and use of humanoid animal characters, a dizzying array of athletic feats, and a great melding of American and Chinese storytelling.

Ultimately, the show closed in 2019.  But it was a pretty enjoyable and spectacular attraction, and the photos below capture some of the highlights of the show.

Welcome to Tarzan: Call of the Jungle.

After the story of Tarzan in his childhood was told mostly through animated projections, the action transitions to live actors, as Taran is shown interacting with this ape mates.

The show makes use of a variety of acrobatics and circus performances, like jungle juggling.

Tarzan also takes flight via aerial silks.

While Kala loves Tarzan like her own child, Kerchack is less affectionate.

After Tarzan protects his troops from a cheetah, he gains more respect.

Later, when a mysterious group of explorers sets up camp nearby, Tarzan and his friends stumble through and dance a mess out of the place.

It's all a lot of fun.

And more impressive acts like these diabolos are used.

Tarzan meets Jane, though, and is instantly curious and smitten.

The feelings are mutual.

Tarzan and Jane perform together in an aerial hoop act.

But then the rest of the explorers reveal their hand to capture the apes and transport them back to England for sale!

The apes are launched and flip into capturing nets and chairs.


Tarzan protects his troop, though, and though Kerchack suffers grave injuries in the battle, before he passes away, he finally offers his acceptance of his adopted son.

Afterward, Tarzan and Jane begin a new life together, staying in the jungle.

What better way to celebrate than by flying around!

Everyone is happy.

And Tarzan is back with the call of the wild!


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