Carlos Not Cheeken

Shooting the Pirates of the Caribbean has always been a bit of a challenging endeavor.  With the low light and moving ride vehicle and dynamic audio animatronic characters, it takes a very good camera with a fast lens and key focusing ability to adequately capture certain scenes.  One of the more difficult areas that has always plagued my abilities has been the interrogation of the mayor of Isla Tesoro.  Poor Carlos is strung up and lowered into a well, practically waterboarded for information on [these days] where Captain Jack Sparrow is.  Meanwhile, his wife, Maria, helpfully urges him to keep his silence and stay brave.

It's a classic scene, but it's even less brightly lit than much of the rest of the ride, and I've never been able to get a fully adequate photo.  But with my recent camera upgrade, I decided to try another time.  And give the Nikon D750 credit.  Even though it's a model that's a few years old, it got the job done.  So I finally have some Carlos photos I am pleased with.  And you kind of get them too.

Pirates lower Carlos into the well while Maria tells him to stay quite.  A few other villagers await their fate.

Carlos does bravely persist and refuses to spill any secrets.

Well, another dunking that'll be, then!


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