The Pixarmonic Orchestra

Pixar Fest brings a bevy of entertainment options to the Disneyland Resort this extended summer season, from the new Together Forever fireworks show at Disneyland to the relocated Paint the Night at California Adventure and swapped out Pixar Play Parade at the original Magic Kingdom.  But there are also secondary shows slated for the celebration, and my favorite is the Pixarmonic Orchestra, playing regularly at the Paradise Gardens Bandstand in Paradise Pier (soon to be rebranded as Paradise Park).

This group of live musicians plays a 15 minute set full of Pixar music covers.  But the twist is that they provide a fun, goofy swing to things, with sound effects and funny noises punctuating revved up versions of familiar Pixar songs.  All of this is done with live instruments.  No electronic dubbing here.  It's all practical, and the infectious energy of the band members makes this a very fun show.  In just the first weekend, it seemed to already gather a cult crowd addicted to the bands zany but charming covers, and I think they'll be a continuous hit throughout the summer season!

The Pixarmonic Band is made up of a variety of instrumentalists.
Showtimes on a typical day.

The band has a lot of fun.

The bulk of the goofy sounds (not Goofy sounds) are played by this gentleman.
He has a lot of different instruments and props for various sound effects to incorporate into the music.
The result is a unique and wild but fun experience.

Be sure to check these folks out. They are a lively and wonderfully entertaining bunch!


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