Main Street Trolley Parking

With the Main Street trolley track and pavement improvements having been completed for a couple of weeks now, the Main Street Vehicles have resumed their regular runs up and down this tribute to smalltown, turn-of-the-century Americana.  The past couple of months, Main Street has been behind a sea of work walls, as one of the most extensive exterior flatwork projects condensed circulation and kept the land's primary attractions stuck in the garage.  But now, things are back to normal and though the new brickwork that marks the trolley route may take a bit of getting used to, it certainly looks great, aged, and like it's always belonged there.  Even though Main Street reflects the nostalgia of the past, in some ways, like the rest of the park, it will never be finished.  But when little projects like this do occur, it's nice to see how well they end up turning out!

A low view of Main Street trolley car #2.


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