Dapper Day Spring 2018: Part 2

We kicked off the week yesterday with a look at some of the sights and wardrobe at Sunday's Spring Dapper Day event.  I mentioned that it was just some of the photos I took, so lets jump right into another batch for Tuesday, with another dozen photos of fabulously dressed Disney fans!

This duo paid tribute to It's A Small World with topiary hand bags and a custom dress with Small World decor.

Although not everyone Disney Bounded.  Some people were just dapper, in the original spirit of the event.

My friends, Cynthia and Colleen, paid tribute to Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast, respectively, with their lovely dresses.

I loved this nod to the Disney short film, Paper Man.  It was very cute.

Also cuter, this Up couple with their own Adventure Book!

Perhaps cutest, a Mary Poppins family, with Mary, Bert, and Little Bert!

The Disney Duo pays tribute to the Dapper Dans on Dapper Day with their dapper stripes.

Disney Dum Dums did a great Rescuers Disney Bound as Bianca and Bernard.  Subtle, since that's a lesser profile Disney movie (especially these days).

When I wasn't taking photos of friends or friends of friends, I was occasionally ambushing random people to get their photos, because everyone looked so great!

Gender-bending Avengers, meet Sleeping Beauty.

This gentleman exuded coolness and style.

And of course, there are always the classics, like Daisy and Donald, for Disney Bounding subjects!
Can't get enough?  Here's another batch in our final installment of this year's Spring Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort!


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