Dapper Day Spring 2018: Part 1

Yesterday marked yet another Dapper Day, that fantastic time of year (twice) where Disney fans descend upon the parks in their finest garb--be it handsome wardrobe from bygone era or creative Disney Bounding attire that pays tribute to their favorite Disney character or park attraction or land.  I spent a good amount of the day walking around and taking in the sights, enjoying the creative spirit of such wonderfully talented and resourceful people.  In the past, I've posted my photos across some sort of theme per day, but this time around, I'm just going to post in the order that I photographed.

We'll continue this throughout the week until I've exhausted my photos, but for now, enjoy the first batch!

Dapper Day is great because so many people look beautifully stylish at the parks.

Corseted princesses in their own, original style of Disney Bound.

Disney Bounding can be a family affair, even if the Disney Bounding is not one theme!

Disney Bound Team, assemble!! This incredible group of Disney Bound all-stars dazzled at the parks.

Anyone need a Jungle Cruise skipper?

People lined up anywhere there was a Photo Pass photo op available!

Merging Disney Bounding and dapper styles.

The Disney Muses pose with a trio of fans and fellow Disney Bounders dressed up as Disneyland attractions.

The Muses just had to do a photo op in the Chinese takeout box car of Flik's Flyers, given their A Bug's Life Disney Bounds of Manny and Gypsy.

The Damfino and Disneyland Mermaid made a very stylish pair at DCA.

So kawaii!  This trio would not look out of place at the Tokyo Disney Resort if they were there.

This Hercules crew is definitely not made up of zeroes.  They look great!


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