Mickey's Spring Fountain

It feels like a while ago to me, but it was only a couple of months ago that I was taking pictures of tabebuia blooms around Disneyland park to mark the onset of spring.  Locals know that the seasons are definitely a little different around Southern California (many would even question if actual seasons exist!).  But where they change, they're typically ahead of the calendar schedule.  Thus, even in the winter, blooms were starting to appear.  And now, as April transitions into May, the days are growing longer and feeling more like summer.

But it's nice to look back and remember that it is still spring and take in the rebirth of nature for yet another cycle.  And enjoying pretty, serene sights like this of Mickey's Toontown after hours definitely contributes to the vibe!

Another angle of the Mickey Mouse fountain from Mickey's Toontown.


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