Big Thunder Isle

Of all the Disney mine train roller coasters in the world, only one has its own freaking island.  That would be the best version, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Paris.  Though the roller coaster loads on the "mainland" part of Thunder Mesa, it quickly dives under water and winds a series of turns beneath the river before coming back forth in the middle of the island to continue its way.  And what a way it is!  Twists and turns and beautiful scenery comprise the majority of the layout, and its unique location on its own island provides some exclusive moments not found in any other Big Thunder Mountain (or Grizzly Gulch). 

Disneyland Paris could have been like its predecessors and made another island playground.  I'm glad they ended up putting their best mine train roller coaster there instead!

A train hurtles around a corner at Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

This certainly looks like the wildest ride in the wilderness!

The scene is very rustic along the Rivers of the Far West.  

From certain angles, on might even find the island that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to be a real life, Mother Nature-carved land mass!


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