Excitement at the Castle

Think of the magic and wonder and glee you experienced during your first trip to Disneyland or Disney World or whichever you consider your native Disney park to be.  The world of imagination, the beauty of the theming, and the immersion of Disney magic made it seem as though anything was possible, given a sufficient enough ambition and dream.

What I love about the photo below is that, even though the little girl running in my direction is not the primary focus of the photo, she is thrilled and delighted to be at Disneyland.  And her happiness is infectious.  With such a stunning backdrop behind her, perhaps playing up to her royalty aspirations, she is eager to try the next attraction.  It's innocence that will be with her forever, and it's a lovely scene overall.

A little girl runs in front of her parents down the walkway near Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland.


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