The Mansion's Ship

It sits atop the highest steeple of the highest room in the Haunted Mansion... a little bit of ornamentation that is typically overlooked amidst the grandeur of the rest of the building.  But the little schooner weather vane of the Haunted Mansion has had a bit of a battered history, like an actual vessel subjected the waves of the sea. 

In this case, it's the waves of air--three different times in the 57 year history of the Haunted Mansion building, a new iteration of the vane has appeared.  The original went up in 1962 with the completion of the building, a year after construction began.  But over the years, bits and pieces wore away (or flew away) from various acts of weather, until in the late 1980s, a replacement yacht was fastened atop the this phantom manor.  Unfortunately, weather struck again, as it always does, and in a decade, the vane had worn away again.  But perhaps the third time was the charm.  Ever since it was replaced in 2002, the vane seems to have retained the same form as the original. 

So a little ship sails above a house of ghosts, and this item itself is a product of the demise of previous versions.  It appears that the memories of things are no restricted to the animate objects, at least not at this estate!

The highest point on the Haunted Mansion, a stately weather vane


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