All Wrapped Up and Nowhere to Go

Today is Friday the 13th, which is normally associated with bad luck and dark harbingers.  That hasn't really been the case for me, luckily enough, but I still appreciate the spooky connotations of the date, so I figured it would be fitting to pull out a photo from the original Disneyland spookster, the Haunted Mansion, for show.  This one was actually taken back in 2013, when a chance ride stoppage (I think) allowed me to capture what is usually a near-impossible shot to get--the mummy in the background of the graveyard scene cheerful failing to hear anything the ghouls are singing, on account of his ears being wrapped up.  It's a fun sight and sound gag, and not very well illuminated at all.  But that's part of the fun and challenge of riding with a camera.  You never know what opportunities will open up!

An emaciated hound looks at a mummy in the Haunted Mansion.


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