The Gateway Expo

When I visited Hong Kong Disneyland in 2015, I noticed construction near the back of Tomorrowland for what was then rumored to be the first appearance of Marvel in a Disney theme park.  That proved to be correct, as the following year revealed a finished Stark Expo Shop fronting what would later open as the Iron Man Experience (which I've yet to ride, because I haven't been back since).  The building is pretty prominent and flashy for a gift shop, but then again, would Tony Stark do it any other way?  The sleek lines and combination of metal, concrete, and glass definite speak a modern language, and the vibrant Iron Man red colors help the building stand out even more.  

With the subsequent retheme of the Buzz Lightyear attraction into Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! and the upcoming Avengers Quinjet ride due to open in 2023, this former part of Tomorrowland will separate itself even further from its origin.  And even though Avengers Campus has become the first formal "Marvel Land" to open in a Disney theme park at California Adventure, by the time Hong Kong's expansion is done, it will have arguably the broadest!

The first feature at Hong Kong Disneyland in a succession that will ultimately become that park's iteration of Marvel.


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