Dreaming Up the Rabbit Hole

My summer 2014 trip to Disneyland Paris was one of perfect photography conditions.  Although things were dreary and foggy in the morning, the skies had cleared before midday.  But an afternoon settling of puffy clouds rendered a whimsical scene overhead, and by the time I found myself in Fantasyland in the afternoon, it made for a most fantastical backdrop in the most fairytale of Fantasylands in all the Magic Kingdoms.  I took full advantage of the justaposition between the clouds and the colorful, storybook setting below to capture fun snapshots of the area, and my favorites all involve Alice's Curious Labyrinth in some way or another.  In this case, it's a skyline of sorts compressed under the heavens, framed by the hedge below.  It almost creates a wide screen frame, like in a movie theater--only with all natural borders!

A dreamy cloudscape over Alice's Curious Labyrinth.


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