The Pier from the Wharf

Although it sometimes wrecks havoc with my file organization, I enjoy taking Disney park photos from one themed land looking into another.  The juxtaposition of the different atmospheres and architectural and immersive environments often play off to a fun composition, and usually--thanks to Disney's thoughtfulness in their park sightlines--the transition from one area to another is done pretty organically.  

The example below of Pixar Pier as seen from Pacific Wharf is one such instance.  Even though the individual elements don't go together (Victorian beachside and semi-industrial California coastal aren't exactly similar), in unison, they manage to fit.  It helps that both share a waterfront vibe, which allows the water to unify both sides.  But the layering of elements in perspective also flows nicely, framing a view from one part of the park to another.  

I also thought this photo reflected the beautiful environment of a nice summer day--fitting considering the current season!

A glimpse at the skyline of Pixar Pier just beyond Pacific Wharf.


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