Maleficent through the Mirror

Although the show may be retired, Tokyo Disney Sea's version of FANTASMIC remains an all-time classic in Disney's repertoire of nighttime spectaculars.  Based off the successful classic at Disneyland, this one takes place in the spacious lagoon in front of Mediterranean Harbor, and the lack of fixed sets and backdrops because of the park layout and theming means that the entire show needs to originate from barges that move into place in the evening.  The result is a stunningly mobile show that is incredible to watch, but for me, the most amazing part comes from the climactic moment that a summoned Maleficent in dragon form emerges from the massive Magic Mirror, roaring for battle with Mickey Mouse.  The reveal is done stealthily and expertly, with no sign of the beast until it is ready to announce its presence.  The resulting effect, though, is absolutely jaw-dropping, and it makes me wistful to think that this magnificent show has been retired to Tokyo's branch of Yesterland!

A fearsome dragon reveals herself behind the Magic Mirror.

And then, from Mickey's imagination, the beast bursts through the "glass!"

Oh boy, now it's upset!


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