A Late Springtime Night's Blooms

Seasons at the Disneyland Resort happen on a bit of a shifted mode compared to true chronology.  Spring comes when it's technically the end of winter, and the summer season starts before the summer solstice.  Now that Memorial Day Weekend has passed, it's the start of the theme park summer season, but I still thought it would be a nice time to look back at the springtime blooms we had this past Feburary and March and feature a few nighttime shots of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse surrounded by those lovely, pink tabebuia blossoms.  On this particular evening, I didn't have the patience to wait until the very end of the night, so I shot these freehand on a telephoto lens.  The results meant there were still some guests in the background and general noisiness from taking a long lens to shoot photos at night.  But the pink florals still look lovely!


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