The Return of Visions Fantastic

Today's the day!  Longtime Disneyland beloved classic FANTASMIC! makes its triumphant return to complete the restoration of Disneyland Resort nighttime spectaculars, lighting up the Rivers of America with the wonders of Mickey Mouse's incredible imagination!  This show has been thrilling guests since 1992, and it is still my all-time favorite piece of Disney park entertainment (even after its redo in 2017).  The characters, storytelling, theatrics, and music all weave a wonderful tale of fantasy and good vs evil and the triumph of dream.  To celebrate the show's return, here are some photos from the last time I photographed the show, back in July of 2019!

Mickey Mouse has the most spectacular jazz hands of all time.

Kaa is colorful.

And dancing Monkeys borrowed from Tokyo Disney Sea's version of FANTASMIC! are too!

Peter Pan was my favorite original FANTASMIC! segment.  Its Pirates of the Caribbean replacement is okay at most, but I'm not going to cry about it.

It's exciting and fun, though the dialogue could use some work.

Princess barge time!

Belle and Beast.

Ariel and Eric.

Replacing Snow White is Rapunzel!

On this night, Flynn Rider was missing.

Uh oh, evil time with the Old Hag.

Then Maleficent goes all dragon with fire!!

Fire good.

Fire everywhere.

But Mickey wins the night and sales around in celebration.

Steamboat Willie is here!

And then, like magic, Mickey appears atop the front of Tom Sawyer Island!

He weaves one final crescendo of light and color.

Pyros and fountains and razzle-dazzle everywhere!

Some imagination, huhuh?


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