April to December

Although the pandemic was not a great time for the Disneyland Resort, causing it to be shut down for an unprecedented year-plus, the closure did offer the chance to enhance some of the beloved attractions at Disneyland, including the Haunted Mansion.  Guests who returned when the parks reopened last year found a familiar face... or faces... waiting for them as they rounded the corner of the hallway before they boarded the Doom Buggies.  One of the changing portraits that previously occupied the hallway, Miss April-December, had found a new home on the wall around the corner.  This portrait had been removed in during a 2005 refurbishments that altered the changing portait effects to transform during lightning strikes rather than slowly fade back and forth between each scene.  But it's back and in a more highlighted location.

Funny thing about the passage of time... it always comes full circle!

In April, she is a young beauty.

By December, she shows the ravages of time.


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