Dockside at the Arabian Coast

The one defining aspect of Tokyo Disney Sea that makes it my favorite theme park in the world is how it can so thoroughly and immersively transport guests to so many different parts of the world through the sheer detail and magnitude of the theming and ambiance of its various ports of call.  Sometimes, the locales even change within a "themed land," such as in the Arabian Coast.  This area evokes more of a Moroccan vibe when navigating its narrow alleyways and shops, but on the perimeter, by the water close to the Lost River Delta side, the feel takes on more of a sandy riverfront, perhaps from Egypt.  The boats lazily drifting amidst palm trees and lush vegetation gathered only on the river make for a calm and romantic scene, and everything about this area creates a soothing atmosphere.  It's all truly quite wonderful!

This riverfront scene at Tokyo Disney Sea's Arabian Coast kind of evokes the ambiance along the Nile!


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