Cinderella Castle

Longtime Disneyland visitors who step foot in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will quickly notice one distinction: Florida's castle is much bigger and grander than California's.  This follows a pattern--for Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is larger and more impressive than Disneyland.  It's hard to say which is better (if you're into the comparison game), because one prefer cozy and charming while others are attracted to regal and imposing.  In any case, Cinderella Castle is certainly more impressive, because it dominates the view down Main Street and can be glimpsed from many other vantagepoints around the park.  When I visited in 2009, most of my days in the Magic Kingdom happened to be overcast, but this was one of the view where the skies shone blue, and the light was more picturesque.

Cinderella Castle from the waterway west of the park icon.

A closer view, looking up its many spires.


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