Glimpses of Everest

Last month, I mentioned that I would be taking this blog to greater lengths than previously traveled. Well, today, we begin by venturing east... and I don't just mean to Tomorrowland. No, I mean to the magical and uncomfortably humid land of Florida, home to Walt Disney World and an entire kingdom of Disney parks!

Today's session focuses on Disney Animal Kingdom, one of the lesser acclaimed parks but quite a beautiful and photogenic one, in my opinion.  My favorite ride there is Expedition Everest (this probably makes sense), a thrilling runaway mine train roller coaster that takes riders to the peaks of the Himalayas and past a couple of close encounters with the infamous yeti.  Consider it WDW's Matterhorn.  Or consider it something unique. But it's a very fun ride either way, and it has quite a presence in the park!

Expedition Everest can be seen from quite a long distance away.

Closer to the ride, the peaks soar high above the surrounding lands.

If Everest was considered a real mountain, it would be the tallest in all of Florida!

A train dives down one of the ride's thrilling helixes, hurtling away from a meeting with the yeti!


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