A Beautiful Day for A Dip

On a bright and sunny day, few places are more spectacularly naturally vibrant than the lagoon that the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage calls home.  The shimmering cool blue, aqua, and green hues of the waters below and the skies above are offset by the friendly and cheerful yellow tones of the submarines, and the whole composition has a welcoming effect that always draws my attention.  To me, a picture like this just screams summer. What do you think?

It's a gorgeous day at the Finding Nemo Submarine Lagoon!
I'd like to also take this moment to promote the Facebook page for Disney Photoblography.  "Like" the page to get the latest updates on new posts and photos, as well as random little messages and such.  My Instagram page has managed to take off in popularity, thanks to some fortunate promotion from nice, much-more-popular accounts and even some reposts for Disneyland's Instagram account, but the Facebook page could use some more attention. So go check it out!



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