The Pet Cemetery

The Haunted Mansion is full of prankish and morbid humor.  Why, just the names of the tombs in line suggests as much.  But it's not just human afterlife featured. Animals get in on the fun too.  On the right hand side of the line, just after the turnaround next to the mansion, there's a little pet cemetery with all sorts of humorous gravestones.  There's the frog that "croaked," the skunk "short on common scents," a feline and her kills, and many more.  Take a look next time you're there if you've never noticed it before, and behold the punny goodness of the Haunted Mansion!

The pet cemetery outside of the Haunted Mansion, at night.


  1. This is why I don't mind standing in line at the Haunted Mansion. I always see something silly I never noticed before.


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