The Sun Setting Sail

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 400th ever post on Disney Photoblography, so to commemorate this milestone, I figured I'd have to post an especially nice photo.

Well, a few weeks ago, after several prior attempts of doing a photo run around the Resort right at magic hour that ended in my arriving too late (and thus failing), I finally found myself succeeding in snapping a variety of shots with the golden glow of the setting sun illuminating the scene.  I had made sure to be strategic, working my way around both parks so that I sooner hit up areas that would be in shadow earlier, and striking out toward more open areas later.  But by the time the sun was really making its final approach toward the horizon, I had found myself over by Tarzan's Treehouse.  Looking up and seeing warm sunlight against the jungle foliage, I decided to trek up.  And by the time I walked across the rope bridge, ground level was already in shadow. 

If anything, though, that made this shot even more stunning.  Seeing the last vestiges of daylight bounce off the Pirates of the Caribbean show building brought forth a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation.  It's perhaps the biggest reason why Disneyland doesn't get old no matter how many times I visit.  There are those moments of pristine beauty that burn their indelible way into my memory, and this was certainly one of them.

Looking down on the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean, from Tarzan's Treehouse.


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